Ardrox DLM-1000 Digital Radiometer Lightmeter


UV Sensor and Visible Light Sensor


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Ardrox DLM-1000 Digital Radiometer
UV and White Light (Lux) Sensors

The Ardrox DLM-1000 Digital Radiometer is a portable, 3-1/2 digit instrument that measures either blacklight intensity in the spectral range of 320-400 nanometers in microwatts per square centimeter or visible light intensity of 380-700 nanometers (photometric response) in Lux or foot-candles, depending upon the sensor selected.

The latest LSI circuit design and display technology is used to achieve the lowest possible component count. This, in turn, assures reliability, accuracy, stability, and rugged dependability. In combination with its functional and aesthetic design, the Ardrox DLM-1000 is the easiest to handle blacklight, and visible light measuring instrument available today. The “DigiGlo” LCD display provides constant fluorescent illumination with no battery draw.

Sale includes the following items:

   · Ardrox DLM-1000
· 9v Alkaline Battery
· White Light Sensor
· UV Light Sensor
· Travel case 


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