Olympus 37 DL Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


user-friendly hand held portable ultrasonic thickness tester


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Olympus 37 DL Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The Panametrics® 37DL PLUS is an advanced nondestructive ultrasonic thickness gage that combines powerful measurement features with sophisticated data acquisition and output capabilities for applications involving pipes, tanks, and other metal structures subject to internal corrosion or erosion. The 37DL PLUS includes many innovative features that simplify true metal thickness measurements even when the exposed surface is coated or painted. The patented Thru-Coat technology measures and displays the thickness of the metal part and its coating using a ‘single backwall echo’. The Oxide/Scale option measures and displays the thickness of the steel and the oxide/scale build-up on the inside of boiler tubes to help predict tube life. Accuracy of high temperature thickness measurements can be improved by using the Temperature Compensation feature that adjusts the material velocity for changes in material temperature. A Average/Min mode saves the average or minimum of several successive thickness measurements.

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   · 37DL Plus
· Battery Pack and Charger
· M112 10Mhz Contact Transducer


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