UT EC Transducers, Probes, Cables, and Standards

Very extensive inventory of Transducers, Probes, Cables, and Standards



Transducers, Probes, and Cables

We have a extensive inventory of Transducers and Cables:

Angle beam transducers and wedges
AWS transducers and wedges
CDS transducers and Wedges
Contact transducers
Replaceable Delay line transducers
Dual element transducers
EMAT transducers
High frequency transducers
Immersion transducers
Integral angle beam transducers
Protected face transducers
Standard angle beam transducers
Test blocks
Transducer cables
Eddy current Rotating scanner probes
Eddy current Spot probes
Eddy current Conductivity probes
Eddy current Surface probes
Bond testing pitch and catch probes
Bond testing mechanical impedance analysis (MIA) probes
Bond testing resonance probes

Please Contact us with some information about the Transducer, Probe and cable for your needs.