Olympus PS-5 AL Rotary Bolt Hole Scanner



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  • Olympus PS-5 AL Rotary Bolt Hole ScannerPS-5 AL Scanner Speed Range: Variable, 40 to 240 rpm

    Speed Control: Instrument controlled

    Frequency Range: 100 kHz – 12 MHz

    Probe Connector Staveley Triaxial (accommodates Gulton style probes)

    Probe Types: Absolute and differential in both Bridge and Reflection configurations. Will also accept single coil probes. Signal Coupling: Axial rotary slip rings

    Translation Range: Variable to 1.5 in. (38 mm) and reversible. Probe retraction limit is variable to compensate for different probe lengths.

    Mounting: Hand held or special fixture

    Orientation: No physical restrictions

    Cable Connector: 16 pin LEMO


    Some of the more common applications are: airframe hole inspection with or without fasteners, wheel bolt hole inspections, surface inspections, post production testing for cracks, tube plug testing, and low frequency inspections through multiple aircraft skin layers. 

    Sale includes the following items: 

       · PS-5 AL Scanner
    · 16 pin Lemo to 16 pin Lemo Cable 


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