Magnaflux D-990LR Magnetic Particle Wet Bench 10,000 amps FWDC w/ Demag


10,000 AMPS w/ DEMAG! 28″ COIL! 100″ CAPACITY!

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  • Magnetic Particle Wet Bench
  • FWDC magnetizing current
  • Infinitely variable current control
  • Heavy Duty Head/Tailstock Rails
  • Maximum Magnetizing Current 10,000 Amps
  • Reversing DC Demag




Model Number Magnaflux D-990LR
Head/Tailstock Opening 100”
Maximum Magnetizing Current 10,000 FWDC (3 Phase)
Standard Voltage 460 V / 60 Hz / 3 Phase
12″ Rail Mounted Moveable Coil Standard (28” Coil Included)
Ammeter / Shot Timer Digital / Digital (User Adjustable)
Infinitely Variable Current Control Standard
Heavy Duty Head/Tail Stock with crank Standard
Footswitch Headstock Activation Standard

(Pneumatic head stock w/foot switch control)

Front/Rear Hardwood Grilles Standard
Recirculation / Agitation System Standard
Blacklight Hood with Fan & Light Console Optional
Overall Dimensions (approx)
L = Length W = Width H = Working Height
L=120″ W=34″, H=40″
Nominal Line Amp Draw 230V/460V-60 Hz.
Demag Reversing DC, Built-In