Gould-Bass Magnetic Particle Power Pack Unit 10,000 Amps FWDC 3-Phase W/DEMAG – 2007!!


Beautiful Unit! Great For Testing LARGE PARTS! DEMAG!


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Stand Alone Power Pack

The Retro Pak™ is ideal for use as a stand alone power pack for use

with cables and prods and can be fitted with optional casters for ease of mobility.

Features / Benefits:

§  Replace Inadequate Power Packs

§  Replace Outdated Power Packs

§  Upgrade to State of the Art Circuitry

§  Add AC or DC Mag Capability

§  Add AC or HWDC Demag Capability

§  Eliminates Costly Downtime for Repairs

§  Better Than a “Patchwork Rebuild”

§  Includes Infinitely Variable Current Controls

§  New Master Control Panel

§  Eliminates Large Amp Increments at Low End

§  Ideal as Stand Alone/Stationary Power Pak

Model 3009-01-10 Specs:

§  10,000 Amp FWDC Output Max

§  Power Requirements: 460V / 3-Phase / 250amp / 60hz

§  Serial Number: 071201 (Model year 2007)