Olympus 26XTDL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


designed primarily for corroded metal applications


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Olympus Panametrics 26XTDL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

The Panametrics Model 26XTDL is a simple to operate hand-held ultrasonic thickness gage with built in internal data logger designed primarily for corroded metal applications. Although the Model 26XTDL has many features, it is as simple to use as a basic thickness gage. To measure thickness with a calibrated gage, simply couple the transducer to the surface of the material, and read the thickness. The gage uses dual-element transducers to measure the thickness of corroded, pitted, scaled, granular and other difficult materials from one side only. A full line of transducers are available to measure materials between 0.020” (0.50mm) and 20” (500mm) thickness and between -20°C and +500°C in temperature.

The Model 26XTDL makes full use of its microprocessor to offer selectable advanced measurement features. Moreover, the microprocessor in the Model 26XTDL continuously adjusts the receiver setup so that every measurement is optimized for reliability, range, sensitivity, and accuracy. The addition of a built in data logger allows a simple method for recording thickness readings and labeling each point with an Identification Code. The 26XTDL can store up to 8000 thickness readings. This feature provides an alternative to recording data manually

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   · Panametrics 26XTDL
· 5mhz Dual Element Transducer 

Please Note, the 5-step calbration block is Not included in the sale. Was only used to show functionallity of the unit.


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